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Staple removers

Ergonomic staple removers

With the use of a good staple remover, it is easy to remove staples and even the strong carton closing staples. 

Big advantage removing the carton closing staples in this way, is that the carton will stay in good shape and can be used again.

Bostitch Staple Remover G2K Bostitch Staple Remover G2K
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: G2K
Switch from the paper-tearing pinch removers to this easy to use push-style staple remover G2K. The push-style mechanism effortlessly and neatly removes staples without leaving you with unprofessional torn corners. Once the staple is lifted from the paper, the staple remover has a staple grabber f..
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Model: C0010701
This robust staples remover removes effortless the big staples from cardboard boxes and prevents ejection of the staples...
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