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Oil free compressors

Oil free compressors need less maintenance, are very usefull for smaller volumes and can be used on inclined surfaces (where oil-lubricated variants may have trouble with the oil circulation).

Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: PS17-E
The Bostitch PS17-E: the lightweight compressor Looking for an easy to transport compressor that doesn't sacrifice on power? The Bostitch PS17-E is easy to transport around the construction site because of its low weight and built-in wheels. In addition, the compressor also has an extendable hand..
€370.00 €494.00
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX06-85-OF
The 6/085-OF by TRX® is a silent and compact compressor with an oil- and carefree motor..
€168.00 €192.28
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX08-110-OF
Optimal Performance with the TRX® 8/110-OF: The Quiet, Oil-Free Compressor for Efficient Maintenance The TRX® 8/110-OF is not just another compressor; it is a masterpiece of quiet, oil-free performance with unmatched value for money. Why the TRX® 8/110-OF is a Smart Choice: Whisper Quiet Op..
€200.00 €229.50
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX270
The 15/270-OL is a bit bigger compressor as the 8/195-OL. Prepared for heavy duty because of the roll cage..
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX095
Handy lightweight compressor with soft grip handle and rubber feet. Suitable for most purposes.  ..
€175.00 €222.25
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